2010 Pegau Cuvee da Capo MAGNUMS - "Bigger than Life Wine"

Posted by Ian McFadden

"Bigger than Life Wine" in Magnum
2010 Pegau Chateauneuf-du-Pape
Cuvée da Capo Magnums
Lowest Price in the Nation

Pegau's da Capo doesn't play. It is one of the greatest wines of Rhone.

2010 marks the fifth release of Pegau's da Capo (other vintages were 98, 00, 03 and 07.) Each previous release has been judged numerically perfect, and all signs indicate that when 2010 gets tasted in bottle it will join them.

Now, we are not fond of scores, we never quote them in our emails, but this particular history alludes to the fact that da Capo is dead serious, world-class wine.

There's no way around it - da Capo is epic.

Achieving wine at this level and consistency requires many things, but above all it requires a ruthless selection process. As such da Capo is produced in tiny quantities, and magnums are just ridiculously rare. There are only two other listings in the U.S.

And we're happy to offer ultra-rare magnums of 2010 da Capo at the lowest price around.

As Robert Parker has written, 2010 da Capo is "bigger than life." It is simply a monumental wine; it's a testimony to the colossal scale and multi-dimensional complexity that Southern Rhone can achieve. In terms of complexity, grandeur and full-throttle palate presence, da Capo is without peer.

Da Capo is a wine that literally assaults the palate with its complexity - layers upon layers of dark red fruits, Provencal herbs, spice, smoke and roasted meat.

Pégau is one of those quality obsessed estates that just doesn't miss. However, in 2010 they did a lot more than that - they hit the bull's-eye! What makes 2010 a standout is power and concentration married to elegance, ripeness allied with brightness and agility.

2010 is a very special vintage in the Southern Rhone. Robert Parker captures this very well when he writes: "In fact, 2010's paradox is that I can’t remember a vintage so concentrated, powerful and rich that also has such zesty acidity."

Pegau's 2010 da Capo promises to be one of Southern Rhone's legendary wines. Its richness and power offset by nimble bright acidity. The monumental scale is animated by an energy that makes it all the more dynamic and complex.

Quantities are very limited.

To order, please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits