2010 Pepiere Clos des Briords MAGS: The Benchmark Muscadet

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The Benchmark Muscadet - in MAGNUM
2010 Pépière Clos des Briords 1.5Ls
Unrivaled Clarity, Luminosity and Mineral Depth

There may be bigger Muscadets. There may be more elegant Muscadets - but there are none as transparent, as brutally and beautifully honest as Clos des Briords.

Clos des Briords is a seriously cult geek wine with a clarity, a mineral-and-lime-zest luminosity that is simply unrivaled in the region. Although, if you’re receiving this email today, you probably already know that.

Today’s offer is for a handful of 2010 Pépière Clos des Briords magnum. Quantities are limited and pricing is sharp.

Given the cult following of Muscadet geeks we’ve conjured up - not to mention the steamy, begging-for-Muscadet temperatures this summer has bestowed upon us - we’ll keep this very short and sweet today.

The magnums available today go out at $38.95 each, and they’ll be in the store, ready for pickup or delivery starting on Monday.

The quick rundown: In Marc Ollivier's hands, the Clos des Briords site turns out what, as mentioned above, must be THE benchmark Muscadet. The vineyard contains some of Ollivier's oldest vines, many dating back to 1930. The exposition is just about perfect, though what's critical is the complex soils: A deep layer of clay and crumbly granite runs over the hard granite underneath. It's this geology that allows the grapes to ripen slowly, building the complexity and penetrating mineral depth that makes Briords so unique.

Since we’re sending this only to those of you who already know this wine and perhaps have a few previous vintages’ experience to draw on, we won’t mince words: 2010 is very good at Pépière. It’s no 96, 02 or 07, but it’s quite good, with higher acidity than the 09 and very solid concentration, all in line with the striking detail that marks a Clos des Briords.

Short term, this is the perfect aperitif for a late summer party or, when temperatures mellow out a touch and oysters hit their peak, the ideal pairing with a cool two (or four) dozen.

Long term, these will age fantastically with proper cellaring. The Clos des Briords’ inherent purity, detail, scores of salt/rock/chalk only show better out of magnum. Don’t underestimate this format’s importance: the larger bottle means the wine is exposed to less oxygen, so it evolves more slowly and evenly. A decade should be no problem for this 2010 out of magnum.

Please give us your maximum order, and we'll allocate if necessary. To order, please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

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2010 Pépière Clos des Briords

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