2011 Ferrando Carema Etichetta Bianca

Posted by Joe Salamone

In The Shadows of Mt. Blanc

2011 Ferrando Carema Etichetta Bianca

There's little point in going on and on about Ferrando's Carema. It's a wine we all know and love.

The wine's fame is understandable. Ferrando's Carema is Nebbiolo at its purest, its most energetic, and its most aromatic. At high altitudes, in the shadows of Mt. Blanc, on soil that's pretty much eroded rock, the grape assumes a level of finesse that's gorgeous and hauntingly singular.

Carema is a mountain wine. They are wines with snap and tension. In these northern reaches, a warm vintage can add a fascinating dimension to the wine. That's the story with the 2011, along with plenty of stony, elegant verve.We've all fallen hard for Ferrando's Carema and love it almost every year. With that said, we have a particular fondness for vintages where there's a good dose of ripeness along with loads of finessed alpine briskness and aromatics. The 2011 really delivers in this regard.

Despite its lithe frame, Etichetta Bianca ages really beautifully. The acidity and overall balance allow it to age gracefully for two decades or more.

As I mentioned earlier, there's just not much of the 2011 Etichetta Bianca available. Every time that we offer the Etichetta Bianca, Ferrando's fan club comes out strong. Let us know how many bottles you'd like and we'll do our best.

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