2011 Lauer "Fass 2" - EXTREME Riesling

Posted by Joe Salamone

The Razor of the Saar
2011 Lauer "Fass 2" Extra Trocken

This is a thrilling combination: an extra juicy vintage / an extra sharp Saar Riesling.

Even among the unusually high-tension Saar Rieslings of Florian Lauer, the "Fass 2" is a special bottling. This is the razorblade in Lauer's stable.

The über-juicy 2011 vintage, with its generous presentation of mouth-watering fruit, offers a particularly dramatic foil to the razor-sharp, uncompromising structure of the "Fass 2."

This is, to put it succinctly, the best "Fass 2" we've ever had.

The 2011 edition hits a higher mark than ever before, the glossy roundness and depth of the vintage providing the perfect raw material. And Florian, as intuitive a winemaker as any currently working in the Saar Valley, nailed it.

If the "Fass 2" can be something of an extreme Riesling, in the 2011 vintage it retains its essential angles while also being a bit friendlier.

This is highly recommended for anyone who wants to know how sharp, how dry, how delicious and gulpable, Riesling can be.

With only two grams of residual sugar (Rieslings can have up to nine grams of residual sugar and still be called "dry" by German wine law) this is a tensile, high wire Riesling that flashes a salt-inflected citrus and stone fruit. The color spectrum is yellow-green fruit and a cool, cool blue slate, a linear mid-palate that is crystalline and pure and goes on and on and on...

The fruit here is sourced 100% from the Ayler Kupp - the single Grand Cru slope that overlooks the tiny village of Ayl that has been considered one of the Saar's greatest sites for a few centuries.

This is also the vineyard from which Florian sources nearly all his wines: Unterstenbersch, Neuenbersch, Stirn, Kern and Kupp 56. The "Fass 2," in the context of Florian's top bottlings, is THE deal of the portfolio.

We are working on a sharp, sharp margin - to honor the past weekend's grand ode to Riesling, the Rieslingfeier, which was a great success and also to honor the very cut and transparency of the wine itself.

As with everything Lauer, quantities are VERY limited. To order, please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
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2011 Lauer Riesling "Fass 2" Extra Trocken

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