2011 Willi Schaefer - "An astonishingly brilliant collection surpassing anything I’ve ever tasted..."

Posted by Joe Salamone

A Historic Vintage for Willi Schaefer
2011 Willi Schaefer Kabinett & Spätlesen

"So, the winery of the vintage is clearly Willi Schaefer, for an astonishingly brilliant collection surpassing anything I’ve ever tasted from this already stellar domain." -Terry Theise

2011 is a very important year for Christoph and Willi Schaefer. It's undeniable.

Over the years, I've only become more and more impressed by just how profound Schaefer's wines are - how detailed, fine and graceful they are. They very well may be without peers in these categories. When I tasted Schaefer's 2011 lineup, they really just blew me away. Even in the context of this great estate, 2011 is a special vintage.

As I've written before, what makes 2011 so striking at Schaefer is how the wines take the tender fruitiness of the vintage and animate it with currents of citrus and slate. There's great concentration to the wines, but what makes them so exciting is the dynamic, multifaceted spark they possess at their core. It's all really lovely.

As always, the Schaefers produce what the vintage dictates and in 2011, it was mostly Kabinetts and Spätlesen. Accordingly, that's what's on offer here. Having a Kabinett-heavy vintage for Schaefer is something truly exciting - there may be no other wine that's more graceful, more ethereal. Schaefer's Kabinetts are some of the greatest values around.

The life of Schaefer's wines in the cellar is incredible. And this applies to the whole range, from Kabinett to Beerenauslese. I've tasted many vintages with over thirty years of age and they're always vibrantly youthful.

I can't tell you how many times Schaefers have shared the table with German heavy hitters, like Egon Müller and JJ Prum, and the Schaefer wines stole everyone's attention.

There's no point fanning the fire any further. Schaefer is just 4ha and his huge reputation always leads to a feeding frenzy and a quick sell out.

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Joe Salamone
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