2012 Alzinger Riesling Steinertal & Loibenberg - Austria at Its Finest

Posted by Joe Salamone

Austria at Its Finest, Its Purest
2012 Alzinger Riesling:
Steinertal & Loibenberg

"You wouldn't be surprised if the cellarmaster were the Dalai Lama." -Terry Theise

It's impossible not to return to this Theise quote - it gets to the heart of why we love Alzinger's wines so much.

If I had to reduce my Austrian buying to a single producer, it would have to be Alzinger. And out of the entire line-up, it would be the Riesling Steinertal and Loibenberg that I would focus on.

You can definitely find more powerful and more layered Austrian wines, but you won't find any as fine. For our palates, no one in Austria delivers the calm precision, the detail and the radiant clarity that Alzinger does.

The catch with Alzinger is that he only has 9ha and the wines are doled out in painfully small quantities. The Rieslings from Loibenberg and Steinertal are typically allocated to top retailers and restaurants in 6-24 bottle quantities.

Finding enough wine for an offer was no easy task and in reality the quantities available remain very small, which is why this is only going out to people who have supported Austria's top wines.

The 2012 vintage in Austria combines fairly lavish textures with a dynamic acid backbone. There's a weight to the wines, but also an elegance and nimbleness. Alzinger excelled in this vintage; he was able to discipline the enveloping nature of the vintage into something with edges and with fineness.

Alzinger's Loibenberg is the more muscular of the two wines we're offering. This is one of Austria's most famous sites combining raw power with a nuanced depth of complexity.

Steinertal is Alzinger's magnum opus - the apex of his style. Alzinger's Steinertal delivers a finessed and delineated expression of minerals, flowers and fruit. There's an intangible sense of completeness to this wine.

Alzinger's level of quality and his consistency speaks for itself. There's not much left to be said besides that we'll likely have to allocate. Please give us your ideal order and we'll do as best as we can.

To order, reply to offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits

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