2013 Alzinger Riesling Loibenberg - Radiant Clarity

Posted by Joe Salamone

Radiant Clarity
2013 Alzinger Riesling Loibenberg

There's no way around it: Alzinger is making our favorite wines in Austria.

Their clarity, their effortless balance and sheer beauty is undeniable.

I say this with some hesitance only because of the how small the quantities are.

Alzinger is only 10ha and the wines are doled out in painfully small quantities. Top wines, like Riesling Loibenberg, are typically allocated in 6-24 bottle quantities.

In 2013, scarcity be damned. Alzinger's wines in this vintage are just too good not to have their praises sung.

The 2013 vintage in Austria is simply beautiful. Since the 2007 vintage, I've been waiting for a vintage like 2013. It's that pure, balanced and impressive.

Loibenberg is one of Austria's most famous sites combining raw power with a nuanced depth of complexity.

In Alzinger's hands Loibenberg reaches a rare level of delicacy and intricacy. You can definitely find more powerful and more layered Austrian wines, but you won't find any as fine. That's a big part of why we love his wines so much.

No one in Austria delivers the calm precision, the detail and the radiant clarity that Alzinger does. The 2013 Riesling Loibenberg is an exemplar of this. The depth of minerality is striking as are its finesse and nimbleness.

I don't want to fan the fire, so I'll bring this to a close. Simply put, this is a fantastic vintage for Alzinger and Loibenberg is at the top of the heap.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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