2013 Willi Schaefer: Spätlesen & Auslesen

Posted by Joe Salamone

2013 Willi Schaefer:
Spätlesen & Auslesen

"This is a stunning collection..." -Mosel Fine Wines

Willi and Christoph Schaefer turned out a really beautiful collection of 2013s. The more I taste them the clearer this comes into focus.

Their 2013s have a gorgeous snap and tension to them while remaining elegant and silky. It's this harmony, delineation and textural appeal that make them so special.

I'm very happy to offer Schaefer's 2013 Spätlesen and Auslesen. Schaefer is a mere 4ha, but the modest size of the estate belies their outsized reputation for producing some of the most compelling and otherwise lovely Rieslings on the planet. In normal yielding vintages, finding Schaefer in quantity is really difficult. 2013 is just awful; production was down 50%. Be warned: these are very limited.

This is a really interesting vintage at Schaefer. I mean that in a really good way. On one side, you have a cool vintage (especially by recent standards) with electric, acid zing; on the other, you have low yields and the extra extract and concentration that it brings.

The result is an amazingly agile, dynamic cast of wines that grip, or better, caress your palate with pointed finishes that go on and on. I love the whole lineup, but these are some of my favorite Schaefer Auslesen in some time.

Overall, I find in the wines the balance and acid backbones that will allow them to age amazingly well. I realize that this isn't a vintage with a ton of heat behind it, but this is exactly the sort of shy-in-its-youth vintage that ages beautifully and you'll find yourself wishing that you bought more of when it's too late. Don't miss these.

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