2014 Weingut Peter Lauer "Senior"

Posted by Joe Salamone

One of the Greatest Values in White Wine
2014 Weingut Peter Lauer "Senior"

The value here is one of the most ludicrous in all of German wine, in all of white wine.

Here is a dry-tasting Riesling sourced from one of the Saar’s greatest sites from largely ungrafted vines around 70+ years of age. It is made by one of Germany’s most talented winemakers.

Lauer’s "Senior" is a staff favorite. It is a wine consumed by the case-load and cellared in quantity; for the last three years it has also been one of our most popular offerings. The quality to value ratio is simply undeniable.

Yes, this year there is a little added urgency. While the 2014 Senior has just landed, it is also nearly sold out at the estate.

We have a "perfect storm" situation: When the Wine Advocate reviewer was at the estate earlier this year, Lauer was already sold out of the 2013 Senior and so he poured a barrel sample of the 2014. The critic flipped, gave the wine high points and a glowing review…and the run on the wine began, even before it was bottled.

And not without good reason: The 2014 edition of "Senior" represents one of the most vibrant and juicy of recent memory. The structure of the wine recalls 2013 with its clarity and focus. Yet, even at this young age, there is a generosity of the mid-palate that points to vintages like 2012 and 2009. The 2014 Senior has a soaring intensity to the fruit, a detailed and kaleidoscopic impression of stone and citrus fruit.

As always, the wine is profoundly mineral, even saline. As we’ve often written, the context for Lauer’s epic "Senior" bottling should be 1er Cru Chablis. Yet the price positions it closer to Petit Chablis.

For the moment, while this wine remains in stock, this pricing misalignment is to our great advantage. Stock up and try and not drink it all up during the humid bog of summer.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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