2016 Alzinger Riesling Smaragd: Höhereck & Loibenberg

Posted by Joe Salamone

Alzinger's 2016s are something to behold.

The 2016 lineup dramatizes the level of intricacy, finesse and detail that Alzinger brings to the table.

Today, we're very happy to offer two of his top Rieslings, Loibenberg and Höhereck. The Rieslings from both of these sites hit a startling level in 2016.

Alzinger's Loibenberg is muscular and overtly powerful. Still, it possesses a walk-on-tiptoe quality that's revelatory. No one does intensity and detail quite like Alzinger. And that signature is always on bold display in the Loibenberg.

The 2016 Loibenberg has a radiant clarity. There's the layered thrust that you'd expect from the site, but also a bright energy that carries through from start to finish.

Höhereck is a famous little sliver of a vineyard just east of Kellerberg, just west of Loibenberg, just above Schütt. Höhereck combines a firm mineral elegance with a muscular depth of fruit and complexity. Alzinger owns a mere sliver in this elite site - he produces around 800 bottles per vintage.

The 2016 Höhereck shows how the site combines many of the best qualities of its more famous neighbors. It delivers a mineral elegance, a nuanced depth of fruit and detailed statuesque form. The main story about the 2016 is how clear and mineral it is.

We've been huge fans of Alzinger's wines for over a decade, but the recent vintages have really blown us away. In his I'll Drink to That! podcast interview with Levi Dalton, Leo Alzinger goes in depth about the key changes that have been implemented at the winery in the last few years (regarding lees contact, sulphur use, and more) to reach increasingly high levels of quality.

The success of this steady fine-tuning is obvious in the 2016 Rieslings Loibenberg and Höhereck. We are looking forward to drinking them in the years to come. As with any Alzinger offer, we do have to caution you that quantities are very limited.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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