2016 FX Pichler Riesling Unendlich

Posted by Joe Salamone

F.X. Pichler's Unendlich is the hardest Austrian wine for us to land in quantity.

Each year we spend a ridiculous amount of time tracking down a few cases of the wine. The 2016 Unendlich was an especially hard vintage to secure, but recently we had the opportunity to buy a second parcel of the 2016 Unendlich and jumped on it.

F.X. Pichler produced a supremely compelling cast of 2016 Rieslings. The 2016 Austrians are tension-filled with a classy polish, loads of precision and a cool minerality. Pichler thrived under these conditions. The 2016s are the most finessed collection we've seen from them in some time. Of course, the collection reaches its peak with Unendlich.

We're happy to offer F.X. Pichler's 2016 Riesling "Unendlich" for $189.95 per bottle.

"Unendlich" translates to "never-ending" - a reference to the unimaginable length of this wine, and certainly not the quantity available.

If F.X. Pichler's Riesling Kellerberg is the most finessed, most mineral expression in the stable, the "Unendlich" adds flesh and layered depth to this same focus and super-fine elegance.

The 2016 Unendlich takes the classicism and purity of the vintage and creates something shimmering and grand. The clarity of the stony minerality, yellow fruits and spice is breathtaking. The radiant and detailed persistence place it on an absolutely world-class level.

We feel very lucky to have landed this parcel, but it is by no mean a large one. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits