2016 Keller Abtserde GG

Posted by Joe Salamone

Along with Keller's G-Max, Abtserde is the most sought-after wine in all of Germany.

Even beyond Germany, few wines are hunted down as aggressively or are harder to find than Keller's Abtserde.

Keller's 2016s are incredible. They have no trouble holding their own with the best vintages of the estate. For Keller, it's a vintage of shocking refinement, poise, and finesse. Keller's 2016s are positively pure and persistent. The 2016 Abtserde is an absolutely amazing vintage of a wine that is always extraordinary.

photo of bottle of Keller Westhof Abtserde GG

In his tasting note, David Schildknecht highlights Abtserde's "intricate-almost lacy-complexity" and goes on: "Yet for all of its buoyancy and refinement, the mouthwateringly salt-tinged, near-endless finish is intensely reverberative and blazingly bright, revealing the maximum energy." The 2016 Abtserde is world-class and riveting.

Abtserde is Keller's top site. In the Middle Ages, this site was considered the finest vineyard in Keller's area of the Rheinhessen, known as the Hügelland. The wines from the vineyard were strictly reserved for the Bishop of nearby Worms.

Abtserde seems to consolidate the best attributes of Keller's Hubacher, Kirchspiel, and Morstein and take them to a thunderingly complex conclusion. It has the power of Hubacher and the minerality of Morstein and Kirchspiel. From here, Abtserde brings more finesse and ungodly length.

As you can imagine, this is very limited. I can't imagine not having to allocate this.

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2016 Keller Riesling Grosses Gewachs Westhofener Abtserde Trocken

750 ml