2017 Keller Abtserde GG

Posted by Joe Salamone

Few wines are hunted down as aggressively or are harder to find than Keller's Abtserde.

Keller's Abtserde has become a ghost wine. Today's offer underscores this fact. There are no other listings for Keller's 2017 Abtserde in the U.S.

Keller's 2017s are, without a doubt, some of the greatest wines of the vintage. It was a very low-yielding harvest, but with near-perfect conditions leading up to picking. The resulting wines are intensely concentrated, pristinely mineral, and regally elegant.

Of course, Abtserde represents a highlight of the lineup. Abtserde is Keller's top site. In the Middle Ages, this site was considered the finest vineyard in Keller's area of the Rheinhessen, known as the Hügelland. The wines from the vineyard were strictly reserved for the Bishop of nearby Worms.

Abtserde has the magical ability to take the power of Hubacher and the minerality of Morstein and Kirchspiel and roll them up into a wine of heartbreaking finesse and ungodly length.

The 2017 is an epic Abtserde. It harnessed the intensity of the low yielding vintage into something laser-focused and mindbogglingly long. David Schildknecht's note really captures just how moving the wines is: "the finish is detonative in its vibrant conveyance of energy as well as striking in its impression of chalk."

As you can imagine, this is very limited, and while we've limited the scope of the offering, I can't imagine not having to allocate this.

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Joe Salamone

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2017 Keller Abtserde GG

Special Bottle Price: $389.95

David Schildknecht, Vinous Media: "Seed-inflected Meyer lemon, iodine, chalk, fusel oil and struck flint feature on the nose. That same cast of characters reprises with almost painfully concentrated piquancy, brightness and medicinal-mineral saturation on a palpably extract-rich palate. Only after some aeration does a hint of site-typical florality emerge, in the form of bittersweet perfume backed by hothouse greenery. In keeping with a vintage 2017 trend at this address – but a trend accentuated in this instance – the finish is detonative in its vibrant conveyance of energy as well as striking in its impression of chalk and stone suffusion. But beyond that, it offers mouthwatering salinity and a virtually kaleidoscopic cycle of further, ineffable mineral impressions."