2019 Lauer Kabinett Auction - Only What is Essential

Posted by Joe Salamone

From one of the greatest vintages of the last 20 years, comes one of the greatest Kabinetts of the vintage.

This is a wine we've been waiting to offer since we won the largest American allocation of Lauer's absolute top Kabinett bottling.

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At $74.95, down to $69.95 on 3-packs, this is not an inexpensive bottle. Yet, compared to the top wines of the auction, Lauer's Kabinett remains one of the greatest deals of this rarefied event.

Given Lauer's reputation and the already legendary status of the 2019 vintage, we expect a quick sell-out.

The German VDP Auction bottlings represent some of the greatest wines to come out of the country; they are the best of the best, representing old-vine and special cask and parcel selections.

While many growers use this auction to flaunt all the decadence and lavishness they can muster, Lauer goes the opposite direction. As we've written before, what makes this wine so thrilling is its extreme focus and clarity: This is a wine that polishes down the Kabinett to its essential, mineral core.

In 2019, Lauer has crafted a wine that weaves together an incisive, cutting form with a gripping, mineral structure. As with top vintages like his 2015er, the 2019er showcases a jaw-dropping weightless intensity.

This is one of those wines you have to taste to believe. Don't miss out on this.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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