2019 Weiser-Künstler:
Kabinett to Auslese

Posted by Joe Salamone

"Konstantin Weiser and Alexandra Künstler produced a remarkable collection of wines" - Mosel Fine Wines

It's clear both in how people speak of the estate and in the wines themselves that Weiser-Künstler is doing everything right. They are shimmeringly clear and featherweight wines that shock you with their minerality, precision, and overall composition.

Their 2019s really highlight the sheer beauty of Weiser-Künstler's wines. The clarity and harmony are amazing. Everything from Kabinett Trocken to the Auslese GK are formidable successes. 

These are among the great examples of Mosel Riesling.  Sadly, Weiser-Künstler is a small estate with an outsized reputation and yields were way down in 2019. Please give us your ideal order, and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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2019 Trarbacher Gaispfad Kabinett Trocken
Special Bottle Price: $35.95
Mosel Fine Wines: "The 2019er Trabener Gaispfad Riesling Kabinett Trocken is a fully dry wine made from fruit picked on over 70-year-old un-grafted vines. It offers a beautifully aromatic nose of spices, wet stone, smoke, fresh herbs, yellow fruits, grapefruit, hazelnut, and lavender. The wine develops far more grip and energy than one would usually expect from a dry Kabinett on the palate (it does also have 12.5% of alcohol), and leaves a stunning sense of depth and zesty presence in the superbly long and almost sharp finish. The aftertaste is still on the tart side, as one would expect it to be in a young high-end dry Riesling. This is a truly remarkable dry Riesling even if may break the classical mold of a Kabinett. What a huge success!"

2019 Trarbacher Schlossberg Kabinett
Special Bottle Price: $28.95
Mosel Fine Wines: "The 2019er Trarbacher Schlossberg Riesling Kabinett was made from fruit harvested at 88° Oechsle on the original Schlossberg hill, and was fermented down to barely fruity-styled levels of residual sugar (38 g/l). This is at first still quite marked by residual scents from its spontaneous fermentation, but these quickly give way to delicately ripe and aromatic notes of canned yellow peach, aniseed herbs, almond cream, grapefruit, and pear. The wine is light and nicely balanced on the palate, where some juicy fruits are wrapped into the zesty and herbal elements usually found in the Kabinett style. The more off-dry than fully sweet finish lives from a mouthwatering sense of bitter-sweetness. This superbly playful wine is already quite approachable, but a few years of cellaring will make it even more enjoyable."

2019 Wolfer Sonnenlay Spätlese
Special Bottle Price: $41.95

2019 Enkircher Ellergrub Spätlese
Special Bottle Price: $49.95
Mosel Fine Wines: "The 2019er Enkircher Ellergrub Riesling Spätlese was made from fruit harvested on largely un-grafted vines still trained on single pole, and was fermented down to sweet levels of residual sugar (80 g/l). This light yellow-golden colored wine offers a hugely exotic and ripe nose of rhubarb, apricot, pear, pineapple, spices, tangerine, and some refreshing mint. The wine is on the sweet and honeyed side on the palate, where its ripe and creamy flavors of fruits are beautifully wrapped into some ripe and zesty acidity, and leaves a structured and assertive feel in the long, baroque, and not overly sweet finish. This sweet wine cut along the mold of an Auslese GK proves remarkably pure and enjoyable."

2019 Enkircher Steffensberg Im Löwenbaum Auslese 
Special Half-Bottle Price: $31.95
Mosel Fine Wines: "This 2019er Enkircher Steffensberg Im Löwenbaum Riesling Auslese was made from botrytized fruit harvested in the prime Löwenbaum sector of the vineyard (classified “dark red” on the old Prussian taxation map), and was fermented down to noble-sweet levels of residual sugar. It proves very much on the restrained and delicate side as it only reveals fine notes of spices, floral elements, anise, and yellow peach at first. It is only after some extensive airing that it develops more depth, richness, and complexity. The wine is delicately sweet, juicy, and smooth on the palate, but proves focused and intense in the long and structured finish. This noble-sweet will need some extensive cellaring before revealing its greatness. It could even eventually exceed our high expectations as the sweetness and smoothness recedes and the nuances come to the forefront."

2019 Enkircher Ellergrub Auslese GK
Special Half-Bottle Price: $49.95
Mosel Fine Wines: "The 2019er Enkircher Ellergrub Auslese GK was made from botrytized fruit, and was fermented down to noble-sweet levels of residual sugar. It develops the aromatic intensity and subtle exotic side of a BA on the nose as beautifully complex and juicy notes of honey, roasted pineapple, apricot, and passion fruit emerge from the glass. With airing, more refined and fresh scents of spices, minty herbs, and herb tea join the party. The wine proves unctuous and even slightly syrupy at this stage on the otherwise superbly juicy and exotic palate. The finish is quite intense, remarkably long, and persistent. This beautiful BA in-all-but-name now only needs some bottle aging to integrate its primary sweetness and develop its exotic and fruit-driven complexity."