2020 Lauer "Senior"
Lightning Strikes, Again

Posted by Joe Salamone

As we've written many times, this is simply one of the greatest values in white wine, period.

This is a bottle we introduced to the U.S. nearly 15 years ago; it is a wine that is bought by the most serious collectors. Yet it is also a perennial staff favorite, a "Grand Cru" Riesling priced to be nearly a summertime go-to wine.

photo of bottle of Lauer Ries Senior

However, we would say stock up now! Lauer has taken his rightful place as one of the acknowledged greats of German wine and while prices have yet to go crazy, there is now a supply-side issue: The wine disappears more quickly every year.

At $25.95 per bottle you can understand why.

The 2020 edition has just arrived and it is the finest, most nervous, and the driest feeling version we've tasted. Florian Lauer has, incredibly, given the wine an even more slate-y cut.

While the residual sugar, at about 13 grams, remains similar to past vintages, it is the incisive minerality and rapier-like acidity that makes the wine feel even more nervous, more linear than ever. We'd compare the 2020 to the cool-toned 2017, or going back even a bit further, to the 2012. Yet, it feels even more chiseled.

As always, the balance is extraordinary. While a handful of German estates now produce Rieslings in this complex, dry-tasting range, no one has been able to match the uncanny elegance and poise of Lauer's wines. 

Senior is one of our most popular offerings every year. There's no doubt that this will sell out quickly.

To order, email offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits

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