2020 Wittmann Grosses Gewächs: Aulerde, Kirchspiel & Morstein

Posted by Joe Salamone

Wittmann turned out a gorgeous collection of 2020s.

They are radiant with a tactile mineral tension and serious length, finesse, and definition.

photo of stone wall with Weingut Wittmann in gold letters

We’re happy to offer Wittmann’s 2020 Grosses Gewächs. The best pricing is on three-packs. I should mention from the outset that quantities are extremely limited across all three of the Grosses Gewächs.

Each of the 2020 GGs are studies in the razor cut and elegance that defines Wittmann's wines. The Aulerde is the most penetrating and mineral wine of the trio. It boasts plenty of polish and harmony. The Kirchspiel brings an additional gripping intensity and beautiful refinement. Finally, Morstein is laser focused and possesses an incredible textural, muscular presence. The tightly coiled energy that Wittmann coaxes from the site is stunning.

Philipp Wittmann took the helm of his family's estate in 1999 and it is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive estates in the Rheinhessen. Strangely, while Wittmann has a huge reputation in Germany, they have a much lower profile in America. Like Keller, they are dry Riesling specialists.

With each passing year, we watch Wittmann's reputation grow in the U.S. and it becomes harder and harder to find the wine in quantity. We bought every bottle that we could find. Still, we expect our modest parcel to sell out quickly. 

To order, email offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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Special 3-Pack Price (1 of each): $262.85

2020 Aulerde GG
Special Bottle Price: $74.95

2020 Kirchspiel  GG
Special Bottle Price: $87.95

2020 Morstein GG
Special Bottle Price: $119.95