2022 Nanclares Y Prieto Dandelion Albarino Rias Baixas

Posted by Joe Salamone

In a matter of a few years, Nanclares' Dandelion Albarino has become one of our go-to white wine values.

It ranks up there with Pepiere's Clos des Briords and Guido Marsella's Fiano. The latter sold out in a flash a couple of weeks ago. 

photo of bottle of 2022 Nanclares Y Prieto Dandelion Albarino Rias Baixas

Nanclares makes some of the most stunning examples of the Albarino grape that we know. Their Dandelion is where value and complexity intersect. In the previous vintage, the Dandelion was a "Back Up The Truck" offering. The 2022 would merit the same status as well.

The 2022 Dandelion boasts a beautiful chalky and saline minerality. The wine flaunts a nicely expressive complexity with herbs, stone fruits, and gentle spices. There's a silky depth of complexity with a nice refinement.  

Nanclares Y Prieto began when Alberto Nanclares, an economist, purchased a home in Rías Baixas that included vines. Soon enough he was making wine following organic methods and later was joined by Silvia Prieto, a lab technician. The results are some of the most breathtaking white wines in Spain.

I'll wrap this up. Nanclares' Dandelion fan club is large and the quantities that we receive are never abundant. 

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2022 Nanclares Y Prieto Dandelion Albarino Rias Baixas

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