3-Star Cider: 2013 Bordelet Poiré Granit

Posted by Joe Salamone

3-Star Cider
2013 Bordelet Poiré Granit
World Class Elegance - Three Hundred Year Old Trees

Just over twenty years ago, Eric Bordelet was running the wine program at l’Arpège, Paris' beloved Michelin 3-Star restaurant.

Today, he's producing Normand ciders without peer in terms of refinement.

When you taste Bordelet's ciders, it's impossible not to be shocked by them. They are just incredibly impressive and singular. Not to mention flat-out delicious.

To kick off the first day of October, we're happy to offer Bordelet's top wine, the 2013 Poiré Granit.

Bordelet's Poiré Granit is sourced from 300 year-old heirloom pear trees. Like old vines in the wine world, these ancient sixty-foot tall trees make a huge difference in the final result in terms of minerality, concentration and a mysterious depth that just isn't easy to describe.

It's impossible not to say again that there's nothing out there like Bordelet's ciders, especially the Granit. No other ciders deliver such brilliance, class and pristine complexity.

There are a good amount of ciders that I really like, but none of them accomplish what Bordelet does. The others offer a rustic charm. Bordelet delivers something that recalls the inherent refinement and precision of Champagne.

It's easy to borrow further from the vocabulary more typically employed to describe wine for the Poiré Granit. This cider offers a deep minerality and a beautiful cut that perfectly complements the off-dry format.

Bordelet's 2013 Poiré Granit is very versatile at the table. It's an ideal pairing for runny cheeses, cured meats, pork and even some fish preparations.

Poiré Granit is something that we strongly encourage you to try. We've created special 4-pack pricing for two reasons: First, it's so delicious that you'll find yourself draining bottle after bottle. Second, we've tasted fascinating bottles with five years of age. Every year, we watch more and more people get hooked on Bordelet's Poiré Granit.

To order, reply to offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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2013 Bordelet Poire Granit