31 Days of German Riesling Concert Cruise 2012

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31 Days of German Riesling
Concert Cruise 2012
THIS Tuesday! July 24, 2012, 8-11pm

All-you-can-drink Riesling, 2 live bands, a 3-hour-long cruise!

My favorite 31 days of the year are winding down, though take some heart in the fact that there are few things that Mr. Paul Grieco lets come to an end without some serious fireworks.

THIS Tuesday, July 24, we'll embark on the second-annual, 31 Days of German Riesling Concert Cruise!

What exactly is a German Riesling Concert Cruise?

Imagine about 300 of Riesling's greatest fans, a boatload of Riesling (literally), two musical acts (see below), a German Wine Queen and a 3-hour cruise around New York Harbor.

This is New York City and this is how we do it - enough with the same old, same old.

For the music, the night will begin with the Dead Exs and then, as the Riesling hits its own crescendo, the four-piece, all-female tribute band to Led Zeppelin will take the floor: Lez Zeppelin!

The $54 tariff includes the trip, the music and all-you-can-drink Riesling. If you muster up a party of eight friends, go ahead and drop the charge to $35 a person. (The Crush Crew is taking advantage of this deal - you'll find eight of us on board!)

Food, familiar to anyone who's been to one of Grieco's Terroirs, will also be available for a price.

To grab your tickets and for all critical information, CLICK HERE!

Stephen Bitterolf
Wine Director
Crush Wine & Spirits