500 Bottles Made - Historic and Rare: 2000 Valdespino Macharnudo Alto Vintage Palo Cortado

Posted by Ian McFadden

Valdespino is one of the crown jewels of sherry country.

Whether it's their Fino Inocente or their singular, century-old Moscatel Toneles, Valdespino's line-up is stunning.

Valdespino's technical director is Eduardo Ojeda. Along with Jesús Barquín, he's the force behind La Bota. He's considered one of the sharpest intellects - and palates - in sherry. Everything he does is exemplary.

Today, I'm very happy to offer their first añada (vintage) wine, the 2000 Macharnudo Alto Palo Cortado. Only 500 bottles were produced.

This is the first ever single vineyard añada wine in sherry. Macharnudo Alto is the highest altitude vineyard in the region, at 140 meters above sea level. The renown of the vineyard has not only to do with the altitude, but also with the purity and balance of its chalky soils. Macharnudo Alto is one of sherry country's top sites.

Palo Cortado is pretty much a freak of nature, confounding sherry's neat categories. It comes with the snappy steeliness of an amontillado, yet some of the richness and dark tones of an oloroso. And for many sherry aficionados, it doesn't get any better than Palo Cortado. It's an extremely rare, special category, especially as an añada.

Añadas, or single vintage sherries, are incredibly rare and a singular expression of the category. The wines that find their way into añada are most often from the best vintages and the finest botas (barrels). The 2000 Valdespino comes from a single barrel. The barrel is then sealed and can only be opened in the presence of the consejo regulador (the regulatory council) and can only be topped up with wines from the same vintage. Evaporation is around 4% per year.

Valdespino is a house where no corners are cut and where quality is pursued to the utmost. They are the last bodega, for example, that still ferments in oak barrels (everyone else ferments in large quantities in more economical steel tanks). Since each barrel possesses its own unique micro-biological environment, this helps to create an incredible amount of nuance.

There's no doubt that this is one of the most exciting and rarest releases from sherry in many, many years. We're seeing minuscule quantities. If you're interested, please don't hesitate.

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Joe Salamone

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