'85 Huet Le Mont Demi-Sec: Quarter Century Celeb

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The Reason God Invented Lobster?
1985 Huet Le Mont Demi-Sec
Under $50; Not Available Anywhere Else in the U.S. -
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Last week we offered the 2002 Huet Le Mont Demi; today we go deeper into Huet history...

...with the 1985 Le Mont Demi-Sec; a wine 25 years into its long and beautiful journey.

Vouvray, especially in the demi-sec form, and especially from the legendary Domaine Huet, is one of the most complex and long-lived white wines in the world. This wine is in rapture right now, speaking with calm confidence of its nobility.

Yes, it’s a demi-sec, so there’s a seductive note of lingering sweetness there, but time has definitely mellowed it, integrated it, while still-present acidity and a glowing-golden, rich, coating density keep this wine intriguing, sensual, ultimately finessed and impressive at a quarter century old.

The full range of the Chenin Blanc grape really only comes through once the wine is able to rest and develop in bottle for a couple of decades, and this wine has been allowed that and now shows all those baked fruit, dripping honey and deep wool notes blooming elegantly from the glass as it opens up.

This may very well be the perfect wine for lobster, all of the richness and bass notes of sweetness from both complementing each other and playing off of each other, compelling sip after bite after sip. For real decadence, I can’t deny the appeal of a terrine of foie gras with this. But a simple side of relaxed afternoon lounging wouldn't offend this wine, either: At this price, you don't need to over-analyze the pairing or the proper occasion to enjoy a bottle.

This is a fantastic bottling from one of the most legendary producers in the world, and it represents (as do most Huets) one of the most ridiculously great values in the world of white wine. To our knowledge, we're currently the only ones in the nation - indeed in the world - to have this bottle, or any demi-secs from the 70s, 80s or 90s, in stock. Suffice it to say: The early bird...

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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1985 Huet Le Mont Demi-Sec

1985 Huet is pre-arrival (expected Fall 2010)
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