98 Quintarelli Amarone Deal

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Benchmark of the Veneto
1998 Quintarelli Amarone
Special Pricing - Lowest in the Nation

"It's rare to find a red wine from anywhere in the world that combines power and complexity the way a Quintarelli Amarone does." -David Lynch & Joe Bastianich, Vino Italiano

"It's a wine that keeps you guessing, grasping for descriptors, wondering how all those seemingly divergent flavors found their way into one bottle," they gush on.

They weren't kidding. To put it succinctly, Quintarelli Amarone is on the shortlist of the greatest, most sought-after wines on this planet.

Today we offer you the excellent 1998, a wine packed with abundant ripe, ultra-concentrated fruit - at the lowest price in the nation: as low as $259.95.

Richer than all get-out, but in no way sappy or overladen due to its complementary acidity, this is the study guide for textbook Amarone. 

We don't often obsess over Amarone, but Quintarelli is a legend (along with the other Crush fave, Dal Forno). His Amarone, packed with resinous fig fruit and healing herb aromas, is like a drug we can't say no to. And when we find a tranche priced this well... it's impossible not to go all in.

At a young 12 years of age, this Quinatrelli is just swinging into gear, showcasing all of its heady mystique - a wine to be reckoned with. Actually, it's more likely to reckon with you. This is a wine that sits you down and silences you, beckons you to listen, to be seduced.

Expertly straddling the line between the "old-school" and modern styles, Quintarelli derives fierce concentration in his Amarones by employing super-strict yields, maturing his wines in cask for as long as seven years, and releasing his wines, as Antonio Galloni notes in The Wine Advocate, "when he feels they are ready, not a moment sooner." 

The 1998 Quintarelli has, undoubtedly, at least two more decades to impress. Trust us when we say that, upon opening and enjoying a Quintarelli, you'll understand why this is a staple on every serious restaurant list and in every committed collector's cellar. Vino Italiano puts it bluntly: "His Amarone is the standard by which all others are judged, and is priced accordingly - but if there was ever a reason to spend a lot of money on wine, Quintarelli provides one."

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
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1998 Quintarelli Amarone

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