A $4 Bottle of Air Conditioning! Gazela Vinho Verde

Posted by CrushWine

This wine isn't about complexity, mouthfeel or minerality.

It's about an icy and refreshing glass of wine to fend off the overbearing heat and humidity of August. With temperatures peaking in the 90s for the inaugural weekend of August, this month promises heat with high humidity to boot. Yes, August is here.

Gazela is light in body and light in alcohol with bright citrus flavors - lime zest, floral notes and a bit of spritz to liven it up even more. Mix this wine with fresh fruits and spirits to create one of our obsessions when the weather kick's up - Sangria! (See Joe's great Sangria recipe below.)

At $60 a case - delivered anywhere in Manhattan - this is the best way we've found to beat the August NYC heat!

Gazela is perfect for by-the-pool sipping, BBQs, summer parties, Sunday brunches - and for any day when the asphalt feels like it's melting under your feet.

In previous summers I've even used Gazela to great success as a "recovery" drink after running a lap or two around Central Park.

When you read the price, you'll probably wonder, "Can a wine this cheap be any good?" The answer is a resounding YES! Here's how we (and you) got such a great deal: The distributor of Gazela was going out of business just as they received their fresh stock of Gazela - we worked out a deal to take everything that remained and there you go! A bottle that usually costs $7-8 that we're happy to sell at only $3.99.

This is a wine to stock up on - and to ration out through this hot, hot month!

See below for the great deals to be had - including a case of Gazela delivered to any address in Manhattan for only 60!

Gazelo Vinho Verde NV

Back Up Your Truck
Individual bottles and 6-packs available at the store and for local deliveries only!
$3.99 bottle
$24 6-pack
$48 case!

Back Up Our Truck
Delivered in Manhattan
$60 case!

Delivered to the Outer Boroughs
$63 case!