A brooding and very serious effort - 2010 Chevillon Nuits-St-Georges VV

Posted by Ian McFadden

"A brooding and very serious effort"
2010 Chevillon Nuits-St-Georges VV

In the context of Burgundy, for the quality, Chevillon's are some of the strongest values around.

Chevillon is a lesson in Nuits St. Georges, in all its meaty, wild, textured glory. There's no one currently working in Nuits that captures the beating heart of the village the way that Chevillon does.

2010 is not only a great vintage, but it's also one that Chevillon nailed with pristine harmony. His Nuits highlights just how precise, transparent and just lovely the vintage is here.

Talk to people who've been collecting Burgundy for twenty or thirty years about which wines age the longest, which producers are the most consistent, and Chevillon's name always pops up. They are bulletproof, expertly composed and simply honest and soulful wines.

Without any Grand Crus, without any catchy taglines to be marketed with, Nuits St. George cruises under the radar. And when it comes to Chevillon, this allows for some serious value. Being able to offer a wine of this caliber at $50 is something that I rarely get to do.

Don't let the Villages designation fool you; Chevillon's 2010 Nuits is deeply structured. Burghound calls the 2010 "a brooding and very serious effort."

The 2010 Nuits VV really stands out for its clarity, for how vividly it expresses the smoke and mineral-tinged red fruits and raw power of Nuits. The way it manages to be delineated and nimble while being intense and gripping is really compelling.

I'm going to cut this short. There's not a lot of wine and I'm guessing that many of you are like me and coming to terms with returning to work after a long, relaxing weekend. I'm happy to kick off December with a value like this.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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