A Giant of the Nahe
2021 Emrich-Schönleber Grosses Gewächs: Frühlingsplätzchen & Halenberg

Posted by Joe Salamone

The wines of Emrich-Schönleber belong in the cellar directly next to Keller or Schäfer-Fröhlich.

Emrich-Schönleber Grosses Gewächs are some of the top examples of what dry Riesling can be. 

photo of sign for Emrich-Schönleber

Today we present the two legendary Grand Crus of Emrich-Schönleber from the chiseled and thrilling 2021 vintage: the monumental Halenberg and the finessed Frühlingsplätzchen.

If the simple narrative of the 2021 vintage favors the off-dry wines, especially the Kabinett when we leave the Mosel for the Nahe and Rheinhessen, the story simply has to change: Make no mistake, the 2021 dry wines of these two regions are among the most thrilling wines of the last decade, at least for those who prize incisiveness, agility, and finesse.

While the density and extract of the top wines of 2021 is immense, the best wines from the Nahe have a simply unreal lightness, similar in ways to the shimmering vibrancy of the top GGs of 2016, 2017, and 2020.

You simply have to taste these, preferably with age. More than one writer has compared the Nahe to the Saar, with its steely austerity. If the top wines of Emrich-Schönleber are fiercely coiled in youth, they develop into wines of extreme delineation and complexity with 5-10+ years.

Both of these wines represent Emrich-Schönleber at their absolute best: There is a balance to their GGs that is about as perfect and meditative as Riesling ever gets: texture and glycerin matched to a chiseled, yet glossy and ultra-fine architecture.

Cooler vintages, like 2021, have become painfully rare in Germany. This is a special opportunity to witness the brilliance of Emrich-Schönleber in all of its razor-sharp glory. 

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Joe Salamone
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