A knock out - 2010 Faiveley Clos des Corton

Posted by Ian McFadden

Muscle and Refinement
2010 Faiveley Corton-Clos des Corton
A Corton of Rare Sophistication and Depth

"A knock out by any standard but at the same time, a wine for the genuinely patient." -Burghound

Approaching a vintage where yields are 30-40% down and quality by all accounts is through the roof is pretty daunting.

This is the story for red Burgundy in 2010.

Which is to say we're going to keep this email fairly short; there's just no point fanning the fire. It also means that this email is only going out to those who've supported our Burgundy program in the past.

Domaine Faiveley is a storied estate, long amongst the first families of Burgundy with plenty of bottles fifty years old and even older that remain profound today.

If Faiveley's presence ever began to recede from the minds of Burgundy collectors, 2005 saw Faiveley resume its place on the short list. In a gesture that has become a family legend, 2005 saw François Faiveley (then head of the domaine) drop the winery keys on his 25-year-old son's desk and walk away.

If the domaine lost a bit of its historical luster during the 90s, Faiveley has invested considerably in the vineyard and in the cellar - and it shows.

With this renewed attention, eyes finally turned to one of Faiveley's most fascinating and impressive wines, their Corton-Clos des Corton. Corton has a reputation for power, Clos des Corton, a monopole of Faiveley, presents Corton at its most polished with an elegance that often eludes this Grand Cru.

Clos des Corton seems to pull off that magical feat of consolidating the best attributes of its neighbors and rendering them with a unique sense of sophistication and depth. In Clos des Corton you have muscle married to refinement and layered complexity.

When it comes to 2010, Burghound sums up the vintage as follows, "delivering superb flavor authority with such impeccable balance and grace." These characteristics promise to produce an especially thrilling rendition of this impressive and long-lived wine.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this is very limited and won't last long. Please give us your maximum order, and we'll do our best to allocate fairly.

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Ian McFadden
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2010 Faiveley Corton-Clos des Corton