A Legend In The Making - Only Bottles In The U.S.
- 2001 Trimbach Riesling Clos Sainte Hune

Posted by Ian McFadden

No dry Riesling comes close to its track record for aging profoundly.

On numerous occasions, I've been fortunate enough to taste Clos Sainte Hune dating back to the 70s and I've been amazed by how clear and youthful the wines have been.

The 2001 Clos Sainte Hune has all the markings of being a legend in the making. There's no doubt that the 2001 is one of the absolute greats of the past few decades. It's a wine of incredible class, utter clarity, and riveting tension.

Its combination of finesse, textural depth and aristocratic grace puts it on par with the greatest expressions of Riesling anywhere.

Clos Sainte Hune is one of the world's great wines. The 1.67 hectare vineyard has an undeniable magic in the same way that Le Montrachet or Clos de Mesnil do. When you catch a historic vintage of Clos Sainte Hune, like 2001, there are few wines as profound.

As you can imagine, there's a very limited supply. Given that these are the only bottles available in the country, we expect a rapid sell out. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits