A Pinot-like Delicacy - 2006 Allemand Cornas Chaillots

Posted by Joe Salamone

"A Pinot-like Delicacy"
2006 Allemand Cornas Chaillots
Lowest Price in the Nation

Thierry Allemand is simply making some of the best and most soulful wines in the Northern Rhône.

Our obsession with Allemand is well documented; we penned no fewer than six offers on his wines last year alone, (including the one where Ian named the 07 Cornas Chaillots as his 2012 Wine of the Year).

The simple fact is that whenever we see a fairly priced parcel of Allemand, we jump on it. We love the wines and since Allemand only has 4.5ha and a cult following, the wines are always in such short supply.

Including us, there are just two listings for Allemand's 2006 Chaillots in the U.S.

For us, Allemand is the heir of the great traditionalists of the Northern Rhône, like Verset and Gentaz-Dervieux. Both have long retired and in recent years, the prices have sky rocketed. When you can find them, Gentaz goes for four-figures; Verset that was $60 four years ago is now $250. The Northern Rhône is blowing up and we're happy that Allemand is still making such stunning examples of Cornas at fair prices.

What makes Allemand so special? They are wines of elegance, detail and beautiful transparency. They are impeccable and stunning, and yet still full of a deep soulfulness.

To return to Josh Raynolds' comment on Allemand's 06 Chaillots: "There's a pinot-like delicacy and precision to this wine that's really intriguing." This really gets to the heart of Allemand - no one has the sensitive and exacting touch with the Syrah grape that Allemand possesses.

When we say, as we have many times in the past, that Allemand is one of the most obsessive and skilled winemakers working today, this is what we're talking about.

Allemand's 2006 Cornas Chaillots is pulsating with energy. There's finely etched, bright red fruits accentuated by flowers, spice and smoky minerals. The 2006 vintage produced wines with stuffing and power. Allemand was able to harness the vintage and render something crystal clear and finely balanced.

For the Rhône fans, for the Burgundy obsessed, Allemand's 06 Chaillots deserves a place in your cellar to watch it unfold over the next 10-15 years.

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Joe Salamone
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2006 Allemand Cornas Chaillots

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Josh Raynolds: "Bright ruby. Energetic redcurrant and strawberry aromas are complicated by cured meat, Asian spices and minerals. There's a pinot-like delicacy and precision to this wine that's really intriguing. Clean and brisk, with sweet red fruit flavors and a seductive floral pastille quality. Finishes with impressive cut and persistence, leaving minerals and tangy berry skin notes behind."

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