A Real Stand Out- Marie-Courtin Resonance NV (2012)

Posted by Joe Salamone

Shocking Success - Don't Miss Value
Marie-Courtin Resonance NV (2012)

"The NV (2012) Extra Brut Resonance is a real stand out."
-Antonio Galloni

We've been buying Marie-Courtin for the past handful of vintages. The Champagnes have always been compelling, but it's obvious that things have clicked into high gear in recent vintages.

The Marie-Courtin 2012 Resonance was a stand out at a recent tasting of over a dozen bottles. It's clear that Marie-Courtin's Dominique Moreau has entered the zone.

What made 2012 Resonance stand out is its intense personality, energy and overall impression of harmony. It delivers an ultra-clear expression of red fruits along with a taut textured minerality. There's also complex layers of herbs, spice notes and ripe citrus.

By all accounts, the 2012 vintage in Champagne was a tricky one. It's difficult not to be shocked at how successful Marie-Courtin was. There's a vividness and presence to the Resonance. Dominique Moreau is a fervent believer in organics and works incredibly hard in the vineyards. All of this appears to have really paid off in 2012.

We're very happy to be able to offer Marie-Courtin's Resonance. Few Champagnes offer so much character for the price. We created 4-packs so that you can stock up and have plenty on hand.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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Marie-Courtin Resonance NV (2012)