A Stand Out Croix Boissée:
2016 Baudry Chinon La Croix Boissée

Posted by Joe Salamone

It's probably best to come out and say it: Baudry's Croix Boissée is one of my favorite wines.

I've bought and cellared every vintage for over a decade and have never been even mildly disappointed by the wine. There are very few wines with this level of consistency.

Baudry's style is beautifully detailed, vividly transparent and refined. Croix Boissée is the perfect summation of their style. The 2016 is a gorgeously distilled expression of the wine's inherent elegance.

La Croix Boissée is sourced from a hillside plot with limestone and clay soils on a chalk base. In Chinon, this terroir is home to the appellation's longest-lived wines. Baudry's Croix Boissée always comes across with exacting detail and pristine clarity. It's a wine that speaks deeply and offers a compelling soulfulness and honesty.

The 2016 Croix Boissée is the product of a low-yielding and somewhat complicated vintage. There was frost and rain throughout the spring and early summer. However, for the rest of the season the conditions were great. The resulting wine is concentrated and simultaneously electric. There's a serious minerality and really impressive finesse in this vintage.

This is one of the greatest expressions of Cabernet Franc in the entire Loire and costs considerable less than many of its peers. When you factor in how well it ages and the wine's sheer class, it's one of the smartest buys out there.

Every single person that I know who has tasted the 2016 has been blown away. There's obviously something special about the 2016 when you taste it. I strongly recommend that you pick up a 4-pack, but please keep in mind that quantities are very limited.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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