A study in grace - 2007 Bertheau Chambolle 1er Cru Charmes

Posted by Ian McFadden

"A gifted winemaker of the old school." -Kermit Lynch
2007 Bertheau Chambolle-Musigny
1er Cru Charmes

"A classic Chambolle that is a study in grace." -Allen Meadows

We'll keep today's offer brief. Bertheau only has .66ha in Charmes and judging from the quick sell outs of the past two offers, this will be gone in no time.

Especially at this pricing - $50 below the only other pricing around.

Bertheau has become an obsession of ours as of late. We've been drinking our way through a small parcel of back-vintage Bertheau - a beautiful 86 Amoureuses at Jungsik, a stunning 92 Charmes opened at the store for some friends.

These are some of the most exciting red Burgs we've tasted in years. At this point Bertheau is not widely known (and prices reflect this) but these days seem numbered.

Bertheau falls within the stylistic spectrum of producers like Jean-Marie Fourrier and Jacky Truchot. These are wines that speak softly but with captivating precision. The style here is defined by purity and finesse.

Wines like Bertheau are things of beauty - they thrive on elegance over power.

Bertheau's 2007 Chambolle-Musigny Charmes is emphatically Chambolle in all its beautiful glory - the perfume is beguiling, the texture is just gorgeous. The combination of Bertheau's subtle and pristine style and the 2007 vintage is thrilling.

Stephen Tanzer captures the essence of 2007: "The best 2007s show a truly exhilarating characteristic I have rarely found in red Burgundy. They finish with an almost electric impression of lift and perfume, as if their fine tannins were sparkling on the palate like diamond dust."

Tanzer's comments on 07 pretty much peg Bertheau's Charmes. It's crystalline with its aromatic red fruits and silky minerality -the balance is precisely calibrated. And this is what's so striking about Bertheau's wines - they age not on density, but on balance and structural harmony.

While 07 is an approachable vintage - one that's lovely drinking today - Bertheau's Charmes has an easy five years plus in reserve.

Winemaking this gorgeous—this precise—shouldn't be missed.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare
Crush Wine & Spirits

Allen Meadows: "Here the nose is also slightly riper and more complex if no more elegant with a bit more restraint as well that carries over to the somewhat tighter, sappy, focused and serious flavors that are also blessed with really lovely balance and harmony on the admirably long finish. Again, a classic Chambolle that is a study in grace."