A stunning wine in the making! - 2013 Schäfer-Fröhlich Felseneck GG

Posted by Joe Salamone

"A stunning wine in the making!"
2013 Schäfer-Fröhlich Felseneck GG

Of all of Tim Fröhlich's GGs, the Felseneck is the total package. Thinking of it as the Grandest of his Grand Crus isn't out of line at all.

Felseneck combines all of the best attributes of Tim's other sites into something that's truly stunning. It consolidates all the minerality, texture and finesse of Tim's other GGs into one stunning whole.

Last week, Stephan Reinhardt, the new German wine reviewer for The Wine Advocate, placed the '13 Felseneck GG at the top of the heap of his 2013 GG coverage. His enthusiasm adds to the chorus, who have been praising Tim's '13 collection, especially the Felseneck GG. John Gilman's quote above, "a stunning wine in the making!," is an easy at hand example.

Tim Fröhlich is easily one of the most obsessive and talented wine makers we know. Not that we need reminders, but his 2013 Felseneck GG does drive this home in a big way.

Schäfer-Fröhlich's wines don't pull any punches. They are intense in their concentration, their cut and their pristine length. As always, the 2013 Felseneck takes this to another level.

The '13 Felseneck already delivers a multidimensional complexity. It's chock full of power with a razor sharp detail. There's plenty of finesse that's awash in stony minerality.

It's all of these qualities that make Schäfer-Fröhlich's GGs some of the most sought after wines in Germany. The 2013 Felseneck is a testimony of the supreme breeding and ridiculous quality of his wines.

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