A superb vintage - 2012 Chevillon Nuits St. Georges VV

Posted by Ian McFadden

"This looks to be a superb vintage here."
-Stephen Tanzer
2012 Chevillon Nuits-St.-Georges VV

By now, there is little doubt that Chevillon is making the greatest Nuits-Saint-Georges out there.

Beyond that, I have no qualms about naming Chevillon one of the most consistent producers in all of Burgundy, granting him a spot on the short list of insider gems along with Angerville, Lafarge and Mugneret-Gibourg.

With each passing vintage, I grow more and more fond of Chevillon's wines. Everything points to 2012 being an absolutely killer vintage here.

We're happy to offer Chevillon's 2012 Nuits-Saint-Georges for $59.95 per bottle.

At Chevillon, the emphasis is on old vines and old-fashioned winemaking. The result is absolutely reference point Nuits-Saint-Georges. Andrew Jefford puts it simply: "If the style of NSG (bright, bold, fiery fruit) appeals, then this is the first name to remember: Robert Chevillon."

The story of the painfully low yields in 2012 is well known. However, at Chevillon, the results are stunning. Speaking to Burghound, Bertrand Chevillon said "You really couldn't ask for cleaner fruit."

The quality is clear in the Nuits VV. It delivers an incredible amount of concentration and density. For all its power, it seems to simultaneously walk on tip-toe. The '12 Nuits offers up an intense mix of fruit, earth and mineral. This is a hugely over-achieving villages wine.

Of course, there's bad news: Quantities are tiny. Chevillon was down between 40-60%. We're only sending this to a select group of Burgundy buyers. Still, we expect a quick sell out.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits