A wine that is going to be a legend - La Bota de Oloroso Muy Viejísimo Bota NO #63

Posted by Joe Salamone

World-Class: Not to be Missed
La Bota de Oloroso Bota No #63 375ml
"This is an elegant beast of a wine that is going to be a legend."-Luis Gutierrez

In Luis Gutierrez's recent coverage of the sherry region, he placed La Bota's Oloroso #63 with the great wines of the world. For us, that's exactly where it belongs.

As challenging and different as sherry can be, at its best it's utterly profound and indisputably noble. The recently released La Bota Oloroso #63 exemplifies the heights that sherry can reach.

By exercising their love and incredible knowledge of sherry, the team behind Equipo Navazos has returned it to the world stage. There have always been great wines in the region, but Equipo Navazos has been especially adept and courageous in unearthing and getting people excited about them. The La Bota releases are so impressive, they demand you take notice.

Ten years into the project, it's amazing that they still have tricks up their sleeve, that they still have new sources for epic wines. The Oloroso #63 comes from 2 barrels with an average age of 80-90 years old. It's from an unknown bodega (Bodegas Manuel Aragón) in the obscure area Chiclana. (It's so obscure that it can't carry the Jerez designation.)

The Oloroso #63 is insanely concentrated, delivering a crushing complexity. It's kaleidoscopic in its presentation of salty, savory, umami-inflected layers that are complemented by spice, citrus and minerals. It's a breathtaking wine.

There's no getting around the fact that this is staggeringly intense and meant to be drunk slowly in small quantities. Yet for all of its power and nearly overwhelming presence, there's something elegant and aristocratic to it.

It's difficult not to be in awe when you taste the Oloroso #63. Luis Gutierrez seems spot on when he says it will be a legend. There are few examples of sherry as profound as this. With only 900 half-bottles released and having already been blown up in the press, I doubt this will stick around for long.

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Joe Salamone
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La Bota Oloroso Bota No #63 375ml