All about detail and understated finesse - 08 B. Mascarello Barolo

Posted by Joe Salamone

"All about detail and
understated finesse"
2008 Bartolo Mascarello Barolo
2008 Barolo at its Best

"Mascarello’s 2008 Barolo is a wine of extraordinary elegance... It boasts breathtaking purity in its fruit and fabulous overall balance." -Antonio Galloni

2008 in Barolo is shaping up to be a gorgeous purist vintage. It's not surprising that Bartolo Mascarello, one of the great traditional producers, just killed it in 08.

We've heard many reports that Mascarello's 2008 Barolo is one of the wines of the vintage.

When Bartolo Mascarello's Barolo is on, it is one of the great and most soulful wines of the world. And it's definitely on in 08.

Bartolo Mascarello is one of the wines that, for me, is essential for collectors to have in the cellar. It's that good.

2008 is likely the first vintage that approaches the clarity of terroir and elegance of the 2001 vintage. Galloni captures all this wonderfully when he writes: "The 2008s are highly transparent to site... this is a super-classic vintage that will thrill readers who like vibrant, refined Baroli."

What makes 2008 so compelling is its level of precision, length and elegance. As Galloni writes, "The 2008 is all about detail and understated finesse."

The aging curve for Bartolo Mascarello's Barolos is epic - it will age into something heartbreaking in 20 or 30 years. The 08's balance, transparency and elegance pretty much promise this.

Bartolo Mascarello is one of the legendary old school producers of Barolo. Now, in the hands of Bartolo's daughter, Maria Teresa, the estate has continued to produce head turning and soulful Barolos.

In short, Bartolo Mascarello's Barolo is a special wine and 08 is a special vintage for the wine. We love it when traditional Barolos are able to hit this much finesse and detail. These are the vintages to go deep on, and cherish.

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2008 Bartolo Mascarello Barolo