Among the finest wines to emerge from Montefalco, and Italy 2007 Bea Sagrantino "Pagliaro"

Posted by Joe Salamone

Magnificence in Montefalco
2007 Paolo Bea
Sagrantino di Montefalco "Pagliaro"
Singular, Dazzlingly Beautiful

"The Bea wines are all about subtlety, grace and elegance.

At their best, they are among the finest wines to emerge from Montefalco, and Italy, for that matter."
-Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

There's a magic to Bea. It's impossible to put your finger on it. And that's part of what makes them so immensely compelling.

They are some of the most soulful and captivating wines that you'll ever taste. They're multifaceted, deeply mysterious wines.

Without a doubt, the wine that captures these qualities in Bea the fullest is Sagrantino "Pagliaro". It's impossible for us not to believe that many share our feelings. For years and years, Bea's Sagrantino has been impossible to keep in stock.

The 2007 Sagrantino looks like it's going to be one of the stronger editions of this wine that we've seen. It may very well be included with Bea's legendary '96 and '01 Sagrantinos. The 2007 vintage produced a Sagrantino of power, jam-packed with complexity.

Of course, power and Sagrantino are almost synonymous. It's a grape famous for its burly tannins. For sure, Bea's Pagliaro offers ample red fruits with a grippy, saturating palate presence. And yet the wine is defined by how nuanced it is, how detailed and delicate it is. There's a vibrancy that dances with subtle shavings of wild complexity. It's this combination of intensity with agility that's Bea's unique calling card.

What we love about Bea is how the wines are rustic and wild yet display an undeniable nobility that's completely on their own terms. Bea's Sagrantinos are so singular, so firmly rooted in a sense of place and their maker.

Few wines offer such stirring profundity and uniqueness. It's no surprise that Bea is such a cult producer. Sagrantino has a long life in the cellar. That's a big reason why we created 4-pack pricing. Those who know Bea will surely stash a bunch of the 07 in the cellar. For people who aren't familiar with Bea, this is certainly a vintage to check out one of Italy's greatest, most unique reds.

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Joe Salamone
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