Amongst the finest wines to be found... 2014 Schloss Lieser Grosses Gewächs Niederberg Helden & Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr

Posted by Joe Salamone

2014 Schloss Lieser Grosses Gewächs:
Niederberg Helden GG
& Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr GG

"As has been the case for several vintages in a row, the 2014s at Schloss Lieser are outstanding and amongst the finest wines to be found on the Mosel in this vintage" - John Gilman

Lieser’s Rieslings are known for their intensity, sleekness and detail, and their signature slate-inflected minerality. But when you reach the GG level, all of this is elevated by riveting balance, incredible rigor and ultra-fine length.

2014 was a challenging growing season that required meticulous selection, and only the top tier producers were able to achieve success. Lieser's wines are among the standouts of the vintage, boasting a snappy acidity and focused intensity that we love.

Despite its low profile, Niederberg Helden is one of the great sites of the Middle Mosel. Compared to Juffer Sonnenuhr, Helden produces wines with more richness and depth, making it especially well-suited for dry wines. Yet, even with its heft and muscle, the wine flaunts a palate drenched with stone and slate and an energetic mineral core. In 2014, Helden's deeper textual element is nicely complemented by vibrant acidity, leaving a beautiful impression of lift and brightness.

Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr is one of Mosel's most famous and greatest vineyards. It is known for producing wines of supreme elegance and fineness. The 2014 BJS GG delivers beautiful precision with a dancingly elegant minerality. It's currently a little shy, but shows tons of promise.

Thomas Haag has proven himself to be one of Germany's top talents. His 2014s are beautifully racy and mineral driven. Both GGs are gorgeous in their tension and transparency. Before wrapping up, I should mention that whenever we offer Schloss Lieser the wines always sell out. People who know Lieser seem to buy quickly and in quantity.

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Joe Salamone
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2014 Schloss Lieser Grosses Gewächs