An Exemplar: 2010 Château Simone Palette Rouge

Posted by Joe Salamone

An Exemplar
2010 Château Simone Palette Rouge

The 2010 is Simone's Rouge at its best.

It's been four years since we've offered Simone's Rouge.

While Simone's Blanc is in heavy rotation in our offers, we're pickier when it comes to the rouge. It's always very good, but for us it's only in certain vintages that it really jumps off the page. 2010 is one of those years.

In 2010, Simone’s Rouge dramatizes the sleek elegance, fineness and transparency that the wine reaches in top vintages. Everything is in place for it to age beautifully, even in the context of Simone’s impressive track record for cellaring.

Château Simone's Palette is a special place and the singular wines that the Rougier family issues from it have highlighted this for centuries. They’ve come to define this small and singular appellation.

Part of what makes Château Simone so unique is that its limestone vineyards are north-facing, which is unusual for the region. The vines experience much less of Provence's intense sunlight, lavishing the wine with refinement, poise and aristocratic breeding.

Catch a Simone Rouge from the right vintage and you'll encounter class, subtlety and lift that's completely unique for Provence. The 2010 captures these qualities in a way that we haven't seen in a really long time. It possesses a vast spectrum of herbs, dried flowers, bright red fruits, pine and spice. All of this is presented with thrilling clarity and detail.

This is simply a don't-miss vintage for Simone Rouge. The 2010 will age beautifully.

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Joe Salamone
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2010 Chateau Simone Rouge