And the award for Best Best Picture Cocktail Goes To...

Posted by CrushWine

We were delighted with the range of submissions we received, from the somewhat esoteric (the American in Paris featuring Bourbon and Chartreuse in a chilled champagne coupe) to the very expensive (the Driving Miss Daisy : make a daiquiri and hire someone to drive you around town while you sit in the back seat and comment on stuff).

But after much deliberation we are awarding Mike Jesson with our Best Best Picture Cocktail award for his recipe, below. We like that it's wine-based and even more so that it's a great wine ("Wine", after all, comes before "Spirits" in our store's name), and we like even more that it comes with choreography. After all, drinking is boring. Drinking and twirling? Now we're talking. Congratulations Mike, thanks for the suggestion, and we'll be contacting you shortly to arrange delivery of your prize. Start thinking: Bourbon, Cognac, or Rum?

The Sound of Music

* 4.5oz Austrian Riesling (the author recommends 2009 Alzinger Riesling Durnsteiner Federspiel)
* 1.5oz Chartreuse (we recommend yellow this time, so that it doesn't completely overpower the wine)

The preparation is simple: Drop one shot of Chartreuse into a cold glass of Austrian Riesling, drink quickly, then spin around in a circle. (Editor's note: if you're doing this with a group, have each person start yodeling when he or she finishes, and don't stop till the last person joins in. Now that's what I call music. 23.)