Another Stunning 2010 Texier: 2010 Texier Cotes-du-Rhone Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban

Posted by Joe Salamone

Another Stunning 2010 Texier
2010 Texier Cotes-du-Rhone

Judging by the response to the offer for Texier's 2010 Brézème Pergault, many of you know how great his wines are in 2010.

For that reason, we'll keep today's offer nice and short.

Today, we focus on Texier's 2010 Côtes du Rhône St. Julien and St. Alban at $32.95 per bottle.

Spend any amount of time with Texier and it will become evident that you're around a very thoughtful person and a powerful intellect. It's clear that he's always reading and researching and tasting the wines of the world.

This may explain why he's such an incredible sleuth - he has an amazing knack for uncovering sites that have been forgotten but still have the potential to produce great wines. Brézème is one example, Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban is another.

Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban lies on the opposite (west) bank of the Rhône from Brézème. Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban is home to 70-year-old Syrah vines that belonged to a protestant religious order and the vineyard was never treated with chemicals.

If Brézème is a more feminine expression of Syrah, then Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban is a more masculine, more muscular expression. You can think of Brézème as being more like Côte-Rôtie and Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban as being more like Hermitage.

2009 was the first vintage of Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban and it was good, but 2010 proves without a doubt that this site is capable of producing important wines.

The 2010 Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban is remarkable for its sense of energy and completeness. The expression of the site's minerality is beautifully clear and vivid. It's just a gorgeous wine.

While there's no track record,it's easy to see this aging for a decade, at least. Quantities are very limited. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

To order, please email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

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