Apt to amaze you - 2010 Ziereisen Spatburgunder Schulen

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"Apt to amaze you"
2010 Ziereisen Spätburgunder Schulen
Pinot Discovery from a Bomb Shelter

Edeltraud and Hanspeter Ziereisen are more or less unknown, situated in an obscure corner of Baden near the Swiss border, but that's quickly coming to an end.

We've focused on Spätburgunder, German Pinot Noir, for some time. The quality, the value make the category fascinating to explore.

Ziereisen nails the category, especially in the 2010 vintage and with his Schulen vineyard.

Ziereisen's 2010 Spätburgunder Schulen is one of the most gorgeous expressions of Pinot Noir. Few, if any, Pinots at this price point deliver the quality and interest that Ziereisen's Schulen does.

Edeltraud and Hanspeter

For the past few years Ziereisen has been one of Germany's up-and-coming producers. In many ways, it seems like he's about to cross a threshold.

His 2010s reached a new level and this hasn't escaped notice. David Schildknecht, the great German scholar, even listed Ziereisen's 2010 Schulen as one of the biggest surprises of his tastings in 2012.

Unsurprisingly, Schildknecht's note gets to the heart of things. He writes, "Any of his recently-bottled 2010 Pinots are apt to amaze you, but if I were to single out one for the most finesse and mystery (from barrel), combining floral, carnal, and mineral allure with striking purity of dark berry fruit, it would be his 2010 Schulen."

It's impossible not to draw a comparison to Burgundy - the wines are just that transparent, that fine, that nimble. It's Vosne-Romanée that comes to mind. Ziereisen has similar spice and richness of texture. In 2010, Schulen is a little edgier than you'd expect from Vosne, the minerality a little more jagged and rocky.

Schulen is a vineyard that sits on very limestone-y soil in Germany's Baden region, home to many of the country's top Pinots. Limestone is ideal soil for producing elegant, mineral Pinot Noir - it's the primary soil type in Burgundy. Ziereisen farms his vineyards with obsessive care and without chemicals. From there, the winemaking happens in an old bomb shelter.

Lovers of Pinot of any kind and just beautifully expressive values should take a close look. Ziereisen's 2010 Spätburgunder Schulen is a beautiful example of a very skilled winemaker hitting his stride in a very good vintage.

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2010 Ziereisen Spätburgunder Schulen