Arnoux 1972-2001: Details of Vosne-Romanée

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Dom. Robert Arnoux 1972 - 2001
Back-Vintage Snapshots of Vosne-Romanée
1er Crus Les Suchots, Aux Reignots, Les Chaumes
"One of the sexiest wines vintage in and vintage out."
- The Burghound

Arnoux's small collection of 1er Crus is a veritable treasure trove of Vosne-Romanée; sites and wines that can rub shoulders with the most serious wines of the Cote de Nuits.

(Yet priced less than you'd think.)

To be clear: These are distinguished bottles of back-vintage Burgundy.

Would you expect anything less? We are, after all, in Vosne-Romanée, a place Clive Coates calls simply: "The greatest Pinot Noir village on earth."

And these are wines that skirt along and among the top 1ers of Vosne: Cros Parantoux (obviously Jayer's are in their own, unique, spectacular universe), Gaudichots, and Malconsorts to name but the most obvious three.

If the estate could underperform in the 1980s, since taking over in 1993, Pascal Lachaux, son-in-law of the late Robert Arnoux and the current head of the estate, has brought yields way down and the domain’s reputation way up. If you've been listening carefully, reading your Burghound and talking to those collectors who spend their days obsessing about the region, then you may have already heard that this is an estate on the quick but quiet rise.

Now, to be fair, Lachaux began with good fortune: He started his game with some of the most fêted vines in the Côte de Nuits, prestigious Vosne-Romanée 1ers that gleam like little jewels. But he deserves serious credit for taking it to the next level - reduced yields, extra-careful handling of fruit, organic and biodynamic viticulture; he has banished filtering or fining. The wines, which were always good, moved into the realm of consistently outstanding.

Today we're looking not to overwhelm, but to simply offer out a fantastically small collection of some fantastically good back-vintage Burgundies at very fair prices.

Let's start with Les Suchots, widely considered one of the greatest premier crus in Burgundy. Arnoux gets frequent shout-outs for being the benchmark of the vineyard. This is a wine equal parts spice and sweet fruit, a mini-Romanée-St.-Vivant with that seductive Vosne-Romanée perfume.

The 01 Suchots Burghound calls “flat out beautiful juice,” the 01 vintage having dished out gorgeous, lively fruit only to those who worked for it by limiting yields and sorting carefully.

The 72s, long overlooked but now on the radar of smart collectors, are singing at present - beautiful, transparent wines that have survived on their impeccable balance. This is a re-release from the domain, and it's in absolutely pristine condition (as are the rest of the bottles in today's offering).

Very close in quality to the Suchots, Aux Reignots is often overlooked in feverish hunts for great Arnoux, the Suchots being the darling everyone wants. Which in a way, for the savvy buyer, is very good - prices are lower here than the quality merits. Doesn't hurt that the 01, on offer today, is absolutely superb.

Les Chaumes is like the sleeper hit on the list, often considered a bit easier, juicier, rounder. But Arnoux's manage outstanding depth and concentration for the site – signatures that the domain has become known and admired for – along with good structure. The 99’s finely integrated tannins join forces with what the Burghound calls “copious amounts of Vosne spice,” while the 95 was a vintage that made Meadows declare, “Pascal Lachaux almost always manages to create what to my mind is one of the sexiest wines vintage in and vintage out.”

This is the delightfully geeky little Burgundy package that takes a lot of time to put together, and then disappears nearly immediately. All of the wine is in pristine condition, pricing is very sharp. All orders are subject to confirmation.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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Mixed Back-Vintage Arnoux 1er Crus

1972 Vosne-Romanée Les Suchots
Special Bottle Price: $234.95
In Stock - Extremely limited!
This is a domain release, which means the wines are in just perfect condition. A rare opportunity to go back in time at Arnoux.

2000 Vosne-Romanée Les Suchots
Special Bottle Price: $154.95
Burghound: Crushed black fruits and delicious yet serious flavors underpinned by rounded tannins and outstanding length. This has already opened and developed considerably since I last tasted it from barrel and this is seductive, spicy, classy and altogether elegant. Understated and fine and this completely coats the palate. A first rate effort for the vintage.

2001 Vosne-Romanée Les Suchots
Special Bottle Price: $174.95
Burghound: Domaine Arnoux is widely acknowledged among experienced observers as issuing the definitive standard for Suchots and the 2001 will only add to that much deserved reputation. Elegant, wonderfully spicy nose with round, intense, superbly focused flavors that completely coat both the structure and stain the palate. This is flat out beautiful juice and highly recommended.

2001 Vosne-Romanée Aux Reignots
Special Bottle Price: $119.95
Burghound: Classic Vosne aromas of spice, earth and plenty of rich black pinot fruit followed by refined, pure and very classy flavors that ooze extract. This is long and builds nicely from the mid-palate and offers a dazzling array of beautifully nuanced flavors. This is very impressive and the best example of Arnoux Reignots that I have had in a number of vintages though the '02 may very well surpass it.

1995 Vosne-Romanée Les Chaumes
Special Bottle Price: $89.95
In Stock
This is a rather useless note from Tanzer, though we wanted to give you something. From our own experience what the 1995s lack in terms of elegance they make up for with juicy, plump, robust fruit. They are drinking very well now. Tanzer: Good medium red. More complex pepper and herbal aromas. Sweet entry, then also a bit stunted, even tough. Not showing its fruit today, and thus difficult to taste. Finishes rather tannic.

1999 Vosne-Romanée Les Chaumes
Special Bottle Price: $99.95
In Stock
Burghound: Dark ruby color and a bit reduced on the nose but otherwise, quite concentrated with copious amounts of Vosne spice, powerful, concentrated flavors and good length.


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