As graceful a pink Champagne as you're likely to find - Bereche Brut Rose Campania (2010)

Posted by Joe Salamone

Show-Stopping Elegance
Bérèche Campania Remensis Rosé (2010)

"As graceful a pink Champagne as you're likely to find, but it doesn't lack at all for flavor depth or intensity." - Josh Reynolds, Vinous Media

As Josh Reynolds' note makes clear, Bérèche's Campania Remensis pulls off a magical and rare feat: it's supremely elegant while being subtly, intensely deep.

Campania Remensis has become a rosé that we judge all others by.

Raphaël Bérèche joined his family's domaine about a decade ago and swiftly established himself as one of the region's most talented young growers. Bérèche's fame has made the wine almost impossible to come by.

Bérèche has vines in both the Marnes and Montagne de Reims. Campania Remensis comes from Ormes, a gravelly terroir in the northern section of Montagne de Reims called the Petite Montagne (the same area where Prevost and many noteworthy others are.)

Bérèche's signature is delivering deeply vinous Champagnes with a pitch-perfect clarity. Campania Remensis exemplifies this and delivers an energy and resonant harmony that makes it truly noteworthy.

We loved the first vintage of Campania Remensis (2009) for its energy and its overt minerality. It really shocked us. The 2010 ups the ante even further. It's a laser-beam rosé boasting a chalky kinetic energy and unrelenting impression of effortless class and finesse.

This is one of our favorite rosés from one of our favorite growers. The crystalline purity is show-stopping. It serves as a paradigm for the level of elegance that rosé can achieve without sacrificing complexity or fascination.

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