Asimov's Most Memorable Bottle and the Cool-Climate Looking Glass

Posted by Joe Salamone

"I had the privilege of tasting or drinking hundreds of wines in 2022... these 12 were not necessarily the best bottles, but they were the most memorable, which in many ways is more important." - Eric Asimov, New York Times

Twelve bottles, twelve memories from a year's worth of experiences, and Asimov picked as one of these twelve bottles the 2017 Vetter Sylvaner GK, writing: "It was complex, bracing and bottomless, gloriously mineral and saline."

photo of bottle of Vetter Sylvaner GK Muschelkalk

The last time we were able to offer this wine we wrote: "For fans of unapologetically mineral wines, of spring-garden florality and of mountain water salinity, we cannot recommend this wine enough."

While the last bottles of the 2017 Vetter are gone, the timing is shockingly perfect: The 2020 Vetter Sylvaner GK has only recently arrived.

Today we are thrilled to offer Vetter's 2020 Sylvaner GK at as low as $64.95 on the three-pack.

More than one serious taster has blinded Vetter's Sylvaner GK and sworn that it was Grand Cru Chablis. Asimov mentions the wine being "gloriously mineral and saline."

Forget about the grape - Sylvaner - for a moment because what is so impactful about Vetter's wines is the sheer clarity of the wines, of the soil. Fans of Chablis, Champagne, and cool-climate wines of mineral and structure should not miss this.

The "GK" in Vetter's top bottles stands simply for the village and vineyard (Gambacher Kalbenstein); it does not denote “Gold Kapsule” or any level of sweetness. Indeed, this is a very dry wine, unleashing a pure, tactile acidity, and is breathtakingly sharp, pulsating with minerals, dried flowers, and saline notes.

The 2020 GK represents the single best GK Vetter has made since the now (officially) legendary 2017. We know that sounds like a conveniently easy line, seeing as we are selling the 2020, but it does happen to be true. The 2020 is in many ways structured similarly to the 2017.

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

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