At the Height of its Powers: 2010 Pepiere Muscadet Chateau-Thebaud Clos des Morines

Posted by Joe Salamone

At the Height of Its Powers
2010 Pépière Muscadet
Château-Thébaud Clos des Morines
Unrivaled Clarity and Mineral Depth

I've been waiting for Pépière's 2010 Clos des Morines to arrive. Pepiere flat-out killed it in 2010.

And the Clos des Morines is a stunning example of the minerality and clarity of Pépière's in this vintage.

If you've tasted Pépière's 2010 Clisson, you understand the excitement.

Marc Ollivier and Rémi Branger turn out benchmark Muscadet, but when they nail a vintage, something very big happens. That's the story in 2010.

We're behind Pépière every vintage, but 2010 is special. This is a vintage to go long on and stash in the cellar.

2009 was the first vintage of Clos des Morines and was one of the top Muscadet's of the vintage. It maintained a cut and rigor that eluded many wines in the vintage. You can think of Clos des Morines as a sibling of Clisson. Both wines undergo long lees aging: the 2010 Clos des Morines spent 36 months compared to Clisson's 24.

Clos des Morines comes from Château-Thébaud granite (Clisson comes from granite of that name) and is sourced from a steep slope of very old vines. Compared to Clisson, Clos des Morines boasts more jagged minerality and verve.

The 2010 flaunts this cut. It's the wine's incisiveness and purity that are the headliners. It combines oceanic notes and electric, layered citrus notes (lime, tangerine, etc.) There's plenty of length to the wine that carries a complex medley of aromatics, chalky texture and ultra-clear expression.

This is a don't miss. Pépière's are simply masterful wines and the 2010 Clos des Morines shows this estate at the height of its powers. There's not much more to say - this is a stunning wine in a great vintage for Pépière.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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