At The Top Of Their Game:
2020 Leflaive et Associes Bourgogne Blanc

Posted by Ian McFadden

Leflaive produced amazing, already legendary 2019s. The stunning 2020s are more than worthy successors.

The 2020 white Burgundies are profoundly good. I was blown away when I tasted it in Burgundy in February. 

Even in the context of the vintage, Leflaive really impresses. Across the board, they have show-stopping elegance, real impact and complexity, and serious cut and structure.

photo of bottle of Leflaive-Dom et Associes Bourgogne Blanc

Today, I'm happy to offer Leflaive et Associes 2020 Bourgogne Blanc for $99.95. 

This may appear to be a Bourgogne Blanc, but this represents a case where Burgundy's neat hierarchies fall apart. Leflaive et Associes' 2020 boasts so much class and completeness that it transcends the category. 

Leflaive is one of the legends of white Burgundy, and the Bourgogne Blanc dramatizes their masterful touch. Leflaive et Associes is a project where they join in long-term contracts with like-minded growers for a negociant arm.

Few things make me happier than witnessing Leflaive firing on all cylinders. They are some of the most beautiful expressions of white Burgundy. This is not to be missed. 

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits