Atomic BA Revelation: 2010 Lauer Scheidt Beerenauslese

Posted by Joe Salamone

Atomic Beerenauslese Revelation
2010 Lauer Scheidt Beerenauslese

Florian Lauer hand-carried a bottle of this to the 2013 Rieslingfeier in February. Even in a room filled with legends from the 20th century, this made a SERIOUS impression.

This is a nearly incomprehensible, explosive, kaleidoscopic fireworks show of a Riesling. It is textural and coating, saturating, and at the same time, super-fine with just incredible thrust.

Right now (with maybe 12-24 hours plus open), the wine shows TBA-intensity with Auslese elegance. With 5, 10, 50+ years, it will only gain in finesse and delicacy.

The statistics obviously cannot explain the wine, but they can suggest its extraordinary nature: It was harvested at 149 Oechsle (almost TBA-level) with 234 grams of residual sugar that absolutely pulsates with nearly 15 grams of acid.

It made SUCH an impression that numerous guests at the Rieslingfeier dinner (including retailers and restaurateurs) approached Florian and asked if any was available. There was a bit to be had - and now the U.S. has it.

2010 was an extraordinary year. While it was by no means an all-around success (the high acidities made dry wines a challenge), the high-level dessert wines are a force to be reckoned with. They are unprecedented. Schildknecht quotes Florian's father as saying, "Certainly I never witnessed anything like 2010 nor harvested anything like its array of long-lived upper-Pradikat wines."

The Scheidterberg rests due south-west from the Ayler Kupp. It is a vineyard with a lighter slate soil, and in most vintages, a Beerenauslese is simply inconceivable. This is a wine, says Florian, that is only possible to make once every 10 to 20 years. In most vintages, the Scheidterberg makes the lighter wines. This may, in fact, be key in the fascination of this wine. Incredible density and saturation, yet with a lighter, more finessed touch.

Or, as Florian says: "pure elegance."

We can't recommend trying a bottle or two enough. Quantities are severely limited so give us your dream order and we'll do our best. This is lightning in a bottle.

To order, reply to or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
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2010 Lauer Scheidt Beerenauslese

David Schildknecht, Wine Advocate: "Originating in the Scheidterberg and like most of the nobly sweet elixirs in this collection picked relatively early, Lauer’s 2010 Riesling Beerenauslese Scheidt offers an intensely honeyed expression of sheer botrytis secretions with a correspondingly oily feel. Musk, brown spices, candied lemon peel, and smoky black tea lend nose-wrinkling intriguing and palate counterpoint to this brightly energetic (15 grams acid) variation on B.A. that comes off more like an Eiswein. Less unruly than its counterpart from the Rauberg and with its high residual sugar strikingly subliminated under the influence of freakishly high acidity and extract, this is likely to prove fascinating to follow for two or three decades, though as with so many nobly sweet wines of its vintage, I would certainly want to monitor the sensory evolution of its acid."

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