Back Up The Truck - Brunello Edition
2013 Caprili Brunello di Montalcino

Posted by Ian McFadden

The Caprili estate sits right next to Soldera and follows traditionalist practices. Today, they are under-the-radar and very much under-valued.

There's no doubt that their low profile will come to an end very soon. The dynamic Giacomo Bartolommei has energized his family's estate and has taken the wines to a really serious level. The estate is being noticed in a major way.

Once we tasted the 2013 Caprili, it was obvious that it needed to be a Back Up The Truck offering.

In 2013, Caprili is stunning. The 2013 vintage saw a cool, wet spring and a beautiful July, August and September. What resulted are wines of incredible purity, focus and class. Caprili really excelled in these conditions.

For us, Brunello has been misinterpreted far too often. Its muscular element has been leaned upon and the suspiciously dark and rich wines miss the real magic of Brunello. Examples like Caprili bring you back to the beating heart of Brunello - they are wines of power along with elegance and grace.

Caprili's 2013 highlights the saturating punch of Brunello along with the mineral-laden, lifted finesse and ridiculously complex aromatics that the wine is capable of. It's an amazing wine to experience, traveling from earth to flower, exotic spices to clear, dark cherry fruits and many points in between. It works on a colossal scale and shows such harmony that it's impossible not to expect it to age beautifully.

Caprili drinks like a Brunello that could easily cost twice as much. This is the sort of value that I don't come across very often. Whenever I do, I know that people will soon take notice and then the clock starts ticking until pricing takes a jump. Given the outrageous quality of the 2013 Brunello vintage, this is something not to miss.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits