Back Up The Truck Corsican Edition:
2020 Clos Fornelli La Robe d'Ange Rouge

Posted by Joe Salamone

At as low as $16.95, this is the greatest value that we've encountered in a number of years.

We tasted the 2020 La Robe d'Ange a few weeks ago with fifteen other wines all costing considerably more. It was the standout of the tasting. 

photo of label for 2020 Clos Fornelli Corse Sciaccarello Rouge

The wine delivered joyfulness, good complexity, and a freshness that makes you want to return for another sip. It's rare that we taste wine this satisfying at this price point. The 2020 La Robe d'Ange Rouge pretty much demanded to be a back up the truck offering. 

Clos Fornelli farms organically on Corsica's eastern coast. This part of Corsica is cooler than much of the island. It shows in the invigorating current of acidity in the La Robe d'Ange. 

La Robe d'Ange Rouge is based on Sciaccarello, a native grape of Corsica. The 2020 is dark fruited with notes of sun-baked herbs and a dark minerality. There's an appealing juiciness to the wine that's backed by good brightness and complexity. 

We created special six-pack pricing because this is a wine that you'll want to have on hand often. As we said earlier, this is one of those seriously overachieving wines that you rarely encounter at this price point. Don't miss. 

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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2020 Clos Fornelli Corse

750 ml


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